District Name  WS_Lab Code WS_Lab Name License Type (M/D/R) License No. Firm Name Firm Address Types of W&M permitted License Issue Date  License Valid Upto  Name of the License Holder 
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  D 140 M/s. Sai Scale Take Pandariba Gali, Usma Bhadi Shahganj, Jaunpur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 2013 2017 Umashankar
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R            09 M/s Shayam Scale Works Men Road, Loha Mandi, Shahganj METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1997 2017 Ghanshayam Jaiswal
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R            25 M/s S. Mejars And Scale Works Dhaniyamau, Bazar, Jaunpu METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1998 2017 Shiv Shayam Upadhaya
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 24 M/s  Shahganj, Balance Repairing Works, Men Road, Shahganj, Janupur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1972 2017 Radhe Shayam Gupta
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 44 M/s Janta, Scale Works Badlapur, Chok, Jaunpur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1981 2017 Ram Mari Singh
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 53 M/s. Kheta Srai Scale Works Kheta Sarai, Janupur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1985 2017 Shankar Lal
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 57 Durgesh Balance Works Klektarganj, Shahganj METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1992 2017 Phulchandra Agharhri
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 68 Bajrang Scale Works Kuthan, Janupur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 1993 2017 Hariram Yadav
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 81 Banarasi Scale Works Sigramau, Bazar, Janupur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 2006 2017 Banarasi Lal
Jaunpur 092 Shahganj  R 83 Anurag Balance  Works Muradhpur, Badlapur, Janupur METRIC WEIGHTS MEASURES 2007 2017 Aanand Kumar Singh